Student Portal Redesign

Usability testing | Interviews & Surveys | IA | Prototypes | Visual Design



I enjoy frequent interactions with our users as they do their best to navigate through the online learning environment. The current LMS is powered by Pearson, though support of e-college will be discontinued at the end of the year. I worked with a small team to develop the training sequence for the rollout of the new LMS-marked for mid-October, and have since trained all faculty and directors.


This project entails a comprehensive redesign of the current interface based on documented user needs.  Though this conceptual product was not developed, the scope included usability testing, IA audits, interviews, personas, wireframing, UI & visual design, sitemap ideation, paper prototyping, and testing of high-fi interactive prototypes for both mobile and desktop created with Sketch and InVision.


A modern, intuitive interface was designed that met quantitative metrics when compared to initial usability tests, as well as qualitative feedback through post-design reviews. The new responsive layout allowed for a clarity in architecture with little clutter or unnecessary features, and a mobile-first approach that met user needs based on the foundational UX research.



My Role

Based on daily interactions with our users, I created and administered surveys, interviews, and test scripts for usability testing. I tracked KPI's to point to quantitative evidence of the efficacy of the new design. I used the information and data from my current role at The Art Institute to weave together design solutions based upon business goals.

Users & Audience

The personas were created from the depth of research and interaction I have with students in all stages of their education. The top three demographics were accurately portrayed by the creation of three personas that helped drive the design in each stage of development.


Interviews and surveys were created and administered with current students. The responses were distilled to show common needs, as well as uncover their frustration with the current interface. Scenarios were conveyed to five test participants, and usability testing uncovered the average number of clicks, error/success rate, and time on task for each scenario.

Ideation, IA, & Paper Prototypes

Wireframes based upon the IA were completed on paper prototypes and tested for usability. Identical testing scenarios as the initial test scripts were administered at this stage of research.

Experience the prototype here

Hi-fidelity prototypes for both desktop & mobile were created. Check out the desktop version here:

UI, Interaction, & Visual Design

The final product was developed in Sketch and InVision was used to complete the final usability testing with five participants. were recruited to the study for both mobile and desktop. The visual design was developed based upon the brand attributes of the college, and conveyed a feeling of high-end education while maintaining an intuitive framework.

Outcomes & Lessons

The usability tests at the beginning of the project uncovered major issues. Prior to the redesign, students ended in error multiple times; there were up to 37 screens/clicks before completing the objectives. Testing of the new design eliminated user errors, decreased click through to an average of 8 screens, and reduced average time on task to under two minutes.

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